Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Hoppy Easter" Party for Kids!

I'm inspired to throw an Easter Party for my girls and some of their little friends. After doing some searching for invitations, decor, food and party ideas I realized I LOVE EASTER!  I love the pastel and punchy pink, yellow, lilac, green and blue shades, the sweetness of little fuzzy pink and white bunnies, and of course...chocolate.

Adorable! And seems pretty easy to pull off!

Sweets and treats - carrots and dip to round it off? :)

I have a small dresser that I will paint to pull this off..what a great idea. Fill up the drawer with Easter grass then place Whoppers or jelly bean eggs on top. I have the perfect sugar cookie recipe from Confetti Cakes to make the cookies. I may even bake off an extra cookie for each kid coming so they can decorate their own. The top I can fill with dishes of sprinkles and little icing bags filled with coloured royal icing.

Easter Egg Decorating: pick up a water proof table cloth, paint brushes, and edible food colouring and place in decorative containers. Use tiny plastic champagne glasses for the food colouring.  About 3 eggs per child should be perfect. I think even some cute jewelled stickers would look great for decorating the eggs.

I found this on the blog "Housewife on Fire". It's tiny cheddar crackers placed in a a triangle baggie, tied with green ribbon and when placed in grass it looks like carrots in the garden. You can find this artificial grass at dollar stores.
I know this banner says Happy Birthday LOL. I like the colours and think I'll make one that says "Easter Fun" or "Happy Easter"

Need to still find a healthier version of a kids' punch recipe

Again, "Housewife on Fire" - no doubt! What an imagination. I LOVE this and I know the twins will too! Plus "B" likes anything with cheese! Coloured plastic Easter eggs filled with healthy and not so healthy treats. I think I'll go with blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cheese, crackers and tiny carrot sticks.

These are metal buckets with crepe paper glued around the outside and Easter silhouettes or pictures glued to the front. I think I'll add custom name tags for each guest and tie coloured ribbons to make them a bit more 'whimsy'.

A good friend of mine just had a pinata at her son's birthday party! How much fun for Easter!  Better make those baskets a little bigger?
Here's the take home favour from the party - a chocolate initial - classic. And, I'll match the decor with some Easter paper inside the plastic bag. On the outside - "Hoppy Easter"

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